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Macmillan Centre appoints new manager Tanya Mulvey

Tanya Mulvey has recently been appointed as the new centre manager for the Southport Macmillan Centre and she will take up her post in January 2018

It was with sadness that Helen Jones left her position as manager of the Southport Macmillan Information & Support Centre on 15th December 2017. Helen took up the position in August 2014, having previously worked as a Speech and Language Therapist for Deaf children. Helen says that her own cancer experience in 2010 altered her priorities in life and she decided to change career and work to support people going through the trauma of a cancer diagnosis.

During her time with the centre, Helen has supported the growth of the staff and volunteer team, helped to implement the Recovery Programme for local people affected by cancer, introduced new initiatives and support groups and been passionate about improving and developing the support offered to cancer patients and their families. She also led the team to win a national Macmillan Excellence award in 2016 for integration excellence.

Helen says that her time in post working for Macmillan has been the most rewarding of all her previous years of working in the NHS and that it has been an absolute privilege to work with an amazing and dedicated staff and volunteer team, as well as to see  first hand the difference that Macmillan makes to people affected by cancer and to those supporting them through it.

Helen moved to Huddersfield in June 2017 as her husband, who is a vicar, took up a new parish there. She reluctantly handed in her notice after several months of commuting and has now secured another position with Macmillan in West Yorkshire where she will work as a Project Manager to support people Living With & Beyond Cancer. Helen says she is excited about her new position but that she will never forget the wonderful team and patients in Southport.

Tanya Mulvey has worked for the centre managing a project to deliver Holistic Needs Asessments in the community, since April this year. Her background is as a GP practice manager, CCG manager and project manager for various health redesigns. Tanya says she is excited to take on the new role as centre manager and looks forward to continuing to develop the fantastic work of Southport Macmillan Centre.