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Emotional support with cancer care

We offer a wide range of emotional support.

We have found that almost 40% of the people we see or speak to, are looking for emotional support. Many people simply want someone to talk to, as it is not always easy to talk openly to family and friends about how cancer is affecting you. Our daily drop-in sessions provide this opportunity for emotional support.

We also make onward referrals for more formal emotional support and this may include referrals for counselling, clinical psychology or mental health teams. We have been fortunate to be able to offer volunteer counselling and emotional support sessions here at the Centre.

Another key part of the emotional support we offer, is delivery of the HOPE Course (Help Overcoming Problems Effectively). HOPE is a course devised by Macmillan Cancer Support in partnership with Coventry University, and is delivered around the country. The course  is aimed at supporting people, usually when cancer treatment has ended, to take back control of their lives and to deal with the emotional impact of having had a cancer diagnosis. People who have attended the HOPE Course here in Southport, have said that they would highly recommend this course for anyone who has received a cancer diagnosis. Please see our HOPE page for further details about our next HOPE course.

Support Groups are also a key type of emotional support for people affected by cancer, many of whom find the opportunity to share with others who have had a similar experience, uplifting and encouraging. Here at the Macmillan Centre we run various support groups such as a singing group, craft group, and walking group. We are currently planning a new gardening group and carer's support group . Please see the pages 'Our Support Groups at the Macmillan Centre' and 'Local Support Groups'  for further details.

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